Beggar Master

by Aaron Dilloway



Recorded in Kirtipur, Nepal, March 2005. Originally released on LP limited to 300 copies. Tape manipulations, feedback, crude field recordings, & Nepali dirt. "Side 'Beggar Master' is like a video game of a brick wall chasing a 300 pound wobble legged mosquito. High feedback intercepted by sliding horizontal pile of bricks. Beating thud heart with some open holes in the side corresponding to sludge lake bug liberation. Pumping muscle disorders team up with mud and dirt bubble bath to make larvae spawn engine. Whir and blur background mechanical swamp. The end of the 'Beggar' side cuts off immediately just as you think the whole mess of introduced sound is going to rise up and start knocking down buildings. You can hear the displaced air of the kong leg lifting and zip! The 'Prayer Flush' side starts off as a homage to prehistoric Raptors vs. the Soccer Thugs of Britain. Whistles, bites on the ass, distorted knee scrapes highlight various parts of the first few mins of screaming melee. This fades into some drawn out electro fry. The sound that no living being can stand up to: deep long forked tongue death. Hum of the end. Then the New Blockaders on the Thalid-O-Kid interrupt to make a canal of tumbling pile of canned garbage flowing into a heightened snow storm of singing trident lava-needled record players. Welcome here all trashit, submit your excessive horrible souls to our torture disparagement! If you listen close enough you might be able to hear the behemoth garbage truck rolling up everything into a black hole rear compartment. Background Killoway with his garbage can lid crook pointing the way into vortex nothing. Canned fuzz drops dead after the tidal bleach hand eliminates all movement. If you've heard it all from the Christians how scary the sounds of hell will be, you can hear from Killoway's field recording how your garbage is being treated once it's putrid soul is released. Definitely a mood soundtrack for oblivionic conoise-suers with plans to ride the flume to hell." -- Bonnie Banks, Brutal Sound Effects.

Originally released on LP in an edition of 300 copies. Reissued as a CD and still available from



released September 29, 2005


all rights reserved


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