1. Spatters Of A Royal Sperm
    To Live and Shave in L.A.

  2. Color Changing Knife
    Morgan & Dilloway

  3. The Beauty Bath
    Aaron Dilloway

  4. Split
    Aaron Dilloway / Nigel Baldacchino

  5. Live In A Basement To No One
    Morgan & Dilloway

  6. Dropout Elements
    Aaron Dilloway & Dylan Nyoukis

  7. Live At A Museum
    Aaron Dilloway

  8. Pronunciation
    Good Area

  9. Medicine Stunts
    Aaron Dilloway

  10. Sounds Of Nepal Volumes 1 - 3
    Aaron Dilloway

  11. After The Showers
    Aaron Dilloway

  12. Door With No Handle
    Aaron Dilloway

  13. Radio Nepal Vol. 1
    Aaron Dilloway

  14. Radio Nepal Vol. 2
    Aaron Dilloway

  15. Radio Nepal Vol. 3
    Aaron Dilloway

  16. Concealed
    Aaron Dilloway

  17. Sounds Of The Indian Snake Charmer Vol. Two
    Nath Family

  18. Sounds Of The Indian Snake Charmer
    Nath Family

  19. Sugar Colt
    Aaron Dilloway

  20. Songs About Jason
    Aaron Dilloway

  21. Infinite Lucifer
    Aaron Dilloway

  22. Boggs Vol. 1
    Aaron Dilloway

  23. Siena
    Aaron Dilloway

  24. I Drink Your Skin
    Aaron Dilloway and Kevin Drumm

  25. Modern Jester
    Aaron Dilloway

  26. Dystrophy
    Skin Graft

  27. Slice Through Or/In Glassmetal
    John Mannion

  28. Twig Harper
    Twig Harper

  29. Sneezes & Breezes
    Walter Carson

  30. Le Origini Dell' Idolatria
    Kam Hassah

  31. 30-Minuten Männercreme
    To Live And Shave In L.A.

  32. Exhumed Corpse
    Exhumed Corpse

  33. Blizzard
    Robert Turman & Aaron Dilloway

  34. Total Vacuum

  35. Chain Shot
    Aaron Dilloway

  36. In The Shade Of Fire
    The Haters

  37. Drug Addict
    Skin Graft

  38. There's Nothing to Smile About
    Mick Travis

  39. Underground Ocean

  40. 7734

  41. Obedience Cuts
    Hair Police

  42. Under Pressure
    Emeralds & Dilloway

  43. Arms And Everything Else
    The Nevari Butchers

  44. Foul
    Aaron Dilloway

  45. Paralysis
    Greh Holger

  46. Pearl Drills
    Pearl Drills

  47. Tusco Terror
    Tusco Terror

  48. Born Again To Die
    Sick Llama

  49. Beggar Master
    Aaron Dilloway

  50. Terra Cotta Skull
    Charlie Draheim

  51. Death Tone
    Hive Mind

  52. Drawn Dead
    Hair Police

  53. Land Of Lurches
    Kevin Drumm

  54. The Squid
    Aaron Dilloway & C. Spencer Yeh


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